After moving my mother in law into Memory Care we felt so overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’, as we prepared to have to sell her home. Valerie came and looked at the job, gave us the plan and we signed the paperwork. She and her team worked so hard researching, pricing, and setting my MIL’s home up to look like a shop. She was so organized and executed everything just like she told us she would.

It was nice to know she created ‘one entrance in and one exit out’, hired security and only allowed so many people to shop at one time. We did way above what any of us thought we would! Our goal was to make money to put back into Memory Care.

Valerie is kind, smart, compassionate, and really understands the role an Estate Agent plays in the closure of one chapter and the opening of another in the life of a family. Yes, she will make the most money she can for you, but she does it with kindness and tender care especially in the kind of situation we found ourself in with my husband’s mom.

We can’t say enough great things about Valerie and her staff!

Tara – Spring


Thank you to Houston Estate Sales for an awesome job handling my families estate. A better than expected result. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that has loved ones that pass away. Very professional and experienced. Thank you Val and your team.

Tracy – Cypress

After inheriting a home , I hired Estate Sales by Junkhound Sally in June 2011 to sell the household items.  Throughout this process the owner, Valerie Voinis and her staff maintained a respectful and professional attitude. This was a very emotional time for my family and we felt unable to deal with disposing of the belongings. They came in quickly and sorted, organized and sold the furniture and items in the house, garage and yard.

I highly recommend Estate Sales by Junkhound Sally to conduct a professional estate sale.

Kimberly – Spring Branch


Valerie was referred to me by another estate sale person that couldn’t do my estate sale.  She came out and viewed all of the contents of the home.  She gave me an estimate that the contents should bring a total sale of app. $10,000.  We signed a contract and she and her staff began working and preparing for the sale within a week.  My mom and dad did not have a lot of antiques or high priced items.  This was a sale made up of a lot of small items. Valerie and her crew spent many days preparing for this sale.  She advertised it in the local http://estatesales.net as well as her own website.  She took and displayed a lot of pictures on the two websites.

She had a preview day on Thursday for her VIP customers and e-mail list. Friday and Saturday were for everyone else.  Besides advertising on the websites, she put out lots of signs near the house.  She takes cash and credit cards (a must) for the drive-by customers. She had all exits of the house sealed off except the front door.  This prevented any “leakage” out those exits.  She had plenty of staff (men and women) to run the sale.  She had almost all things priced; except for the very inexpensive items where she had a display sign with the amount.  When the sale was complete, it brought in well above the estimate and 90% of the items sold. Valerie and I were both surprised.   Everything was very streamline. If you are thinking of doing your own estate sale—DON’T DO IT!  Valerie’s pricing expertise, e-mail list of followers and knowledge of how to run an effective sale is priceless. And her commission rate was very reasonable.  Money well spent!  Do yourself a favor and let her and her team do the work.  You won’t be sorry. I would definitely use Junkhound Sally (Valerie) again.

Keith – Oak Forest


Valerie and her team did an outstanding job with my mom’s sale.  She is very professional and took care of much more than expected. She is very open to input from the estate and goes out of her way to be accommodating.  She knows her stuff too. She does a wonderful job with researching items to get the best price.  Her price are too much and not too cheap. As goldilocks would say, they were just right. Even on discount days, you don’t feel like you’re just giving things away.  During this difficult time she makes this part less painful.

Thank you so much.

Jerrel – Cypress


Valerie did a great job conducting my parents estate sale.  She takes care of everything (and I mean everything) which is such a relief.  Well worth it and I would call her again tomorrow if I needed to do it again.

Jana – Copperfield


The services provided by Junkhound Sally were astounding!  From the initial meeting and review of the property till the very end of the sale, Valerie was totally professional, yet personable.  We were given details on the process of an estate sale and every question we had was answered on the spot.  Valerie made the unpleasant task of moving parents out of their home for 60 years enjoyable and reliable.  That part of the process was under control.  Other businesses strive to offer the services that Junkhound Sally does as a routine way of doing business.

Leo – Westbury


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